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Contemporary Art Fair NYC | Apply Now : Theorize Art

Contemporary Art Fair NYC | Apply Now : Theorize Art

The 5th Contemporary Art Fair NYC is moving to a grand space—The Tunnel—in the heart of Manhattan’s historic, world-renowned and influential west Chelsea art district after four years at the Javits Center.

The May dates —8 through11— coincide with Frieze New York and more than 10 satellite fairs around the city. The Contemporary Art Fair NYC will capitalize on the international art-buying crowds visiting town during this long spring weekend.

Our move to The Tunnel brings our show into themainstream art market.

8 Reasons Why You Should Participate

Re-Branding "Craft" for Today’s Market

The art world still resists welcoming “craft” into its fairs. The SOFA shows have succeeded in distinguishing craft by using words like Functional ArtObjects and Furnishings, bringing the finest work to the international art market. The Architectural Digest show established their Made section, avoiding the use of the word “craft,” yet handmade glass, ceramics, furniture and wood comprise the show.

American Art Marketing is providing fine craft artists and designers a platform to show and sell their work at the newContemporary Art Fair this May. The international art fairs are where you will find your new customers, trending towards a young & sophisticated audience. In May both the fairs and the buyers will be in New York for Frieze week.

The SOFA Alternative For Artists

Join us along with some of the most notable and well established art fairs, as we launch the first alternative to the SOFA fairs exclusively for artists + designers in the heart of the Chelsea Arts District. With just 47 booths available, only the highest quality work will be considered.

More about SOFA

THE OTHER NYC ART FAIRS | May 8-11, 2014

• Frieze Art Fair | Randall’s Island
• art+design | 82 Mercer St.
• Collective 2 Design Fair | Moynihan Station
• The Outsider Art Fair | 548 W. 22 St.
• Pulse | 125 W. 18 St.
• Select | 135 W. 18 St.
• Downtown Art Fair | 25th St. Armory

• NADA | Pier 36

• Cutlog | 107 Suffolk St.
• PooL Art Fair | 9 W. 26 St.
The Chelsea art district is one of the most important and influential art districts in the world.


Booths include white gallery walls & lighting. The Contemporary Art Fair NYC will feature just 47 8' x 10' white wall booths & 350 ft of wall space running lengthwise down the center, dividing the fair into two separate sections.


Create your own Gallery Booth. Opt for your own space or work together with one or more artists and curate your own gallery. Your work should make a strong artistic statement. Exhibitors are expected to present only one-of-a-kind and limited edition works in all categories.

Download paper application (Solo)

Download paper application (Sharing)

FOR COMPLETE DETAILS, Tunnel floor plan & booth fees, please visit our website.

QUESTIONS? Email or call Richard Rothbard |845.661.1221            

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Theorize Art: Contemporary Art Fair NYC | Apply Now : Theorize A...:   The 5th Contemporary Art Fair NYC is moving to a grand space—The Tunnel—in the heart of Manhattan’s historic, world-renowned and influenti...